Fuentelfresno is located 59 kilometers to the northwest of Madrid in the Campiña de Guadalajara (the countryside of the province of Guadalajara).
The hunting ground occupies a total of 15.000 contiguous hectares where fields of grain mix with vineyards, olive groves and hills spotted with ilex, rockrose, retama brush and rosemary, all of which make up the perfect habitat for the Spanish red-legged partridge since they maintain a balance between feeding areas and shelter.  
The makeup of the land offers a variety of locations for shoots, defined by slight undulations, vineyards and olive groves as well as deep ravines from which we drive extremely high shoots.  From gentle slopes, hillocks and high hills to deep ravines, there are pegs for all tastes.
At Fuentelfresno, the blinds are made either of branches or canvas, depending on where on the line they are located in each drive.
The combination of the carefully studied drives and the bravery of our red-legged partridge make Fuentelfresno one of the best estates for driven shooting in Spain.  

A day of shooting

A typical day of shooting at Fuentelfresno starts with a hearty breakfast at the house, after which there are three drives with a ‘taco’, or snack, between each one.  After the third drive lunch is served in the field, where we have various wooden dining areas, so that once lunch is done, we can offer two more drives.  After the hunt, back at the house, tea is served.  This is one of the most enjoyable moments because it’s when we recap the day’s shooting with all the hunters.   
Another remarkable aspect of Fuentelfresno is the great care devoted to meals at our shoots.  The careful selection of wines, the excellent quality of the dishes served as well as the exquisite service make a stay at Fuentelfresno an unforgettable experience for all the senses.